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Most Innovative Pool Companies Reviewed

Article Date: 5/27/2017 Author: Jerry Bower Judges: Jennifer Adams & Toby Hernandez In 2017 we continued to see the previous year's design trends increase in popularity. "The trend is your friend" is true in the pool industry and companies are taking notice and pushing the design envelope into more and more unique and innovative architecture. read more »

The Houston Pool Builders Association

This association started as an unofficial offshoot of the Houston APSP to focus specifically on providing coaching, training, and mentoring to pool construction executives, managers, and directors. While the APSP focuses on promoting the enjoyment pools, professional development to advancing key legislation and regulation at all levels, consumer o read more »

Words of Caution when Shopping for a Pool Builder

Which company you choose to build your swimming pool could be one of the most critical choices you make for many years. Unless you bought a new construction house, you didn't get to choose your home builder, and most likely didn't think to ask much about the construction company before you signed the papers. With a swimming pool, you get a fresh s read more »

Simple Safety Step: Pool Drain Covers

Safety tip for home pool owners, tell your children to stay away from drains, suction lines such as skimmers and vacuums. Always replace broken drain covers immediately and keep them secured. Drain covers are always properly shaped to prevent suction entrapment and all aquatic facilities are required by law to have them, so don't forget to stay up read more »